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Restoration - innovation
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Yung Chin
Maker - Dealer - Restorer of Fine Bows
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Master Bow Maker Restorer

Yung Chin is one of the most internationally respected and sought after maker and dealer of fine bows. Before entering the universe of violins and bows he was studying to be a violinist. Among his teachers were George Zazofsky and Louis Krasner. Yung worked with the dean of American bow making William Salchow for seven years before opening his own shop in 1987. He has given numerous lectures about bows around the world and been a frequent judge at bow-making competitions.

 Yang Chin Master Bow Maker Restorer

Oberlin bow-making program

Violin Society of America VSA

At the request of the VSA, Yung founded the Oberlin bowmaking program and directed it for eight years. Yung along with colleagues Klaus Gruenke, Joseph Gabriel, and Andy Lim co -authored a book on the life of Nikolai Kittel. His most recent publication is The German Bow, curated along with Bruce Babbitt for the Violin Society of America.

Dealer of Fine Bows

Johann Wilhelm Zacharias Pickel violin bow.

Yung Chin

Yung Chin Viola bow inspired by Etienne Pajeot

yung chin viola bow inspired by Etienne Pajeot
yung chin viola bow inspired by Etienne Pajeot

Working with outstanding players

Yung has had the honor and privilege to work with many outstanding players over the past forty years such as Joshua Bell, Kyung Wha Chung, Pamela Frank, Joseph Fuchs, Lynn Harrell, Young Uck Kim, Gidon Kremer, Jaime Laredo,Yo Yo Ma, Nathan Milstein, Midori, Elmar Oliviera, Aaron Rosand, Oscar Shumsky, Isaac Stern, Walter Trampler, Maxim Vengerov, Wang Jian, Emerson Quartet, Guarneri Quartet, Orion Quartet, Takacs Quartet, Tokyo Quartet and many fine players and teachers around the world

Yung Chin restoring fine bows

Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

Yung Chin is one of the founders and is the current world wide chair of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (IPCI), dedicated to help create a legal sustainable framework for pernambuco in Brazil. To date the IPCI has helped to plant over 250,000 pernambuco seedlings in Brazil.


  • Appraisals: We issue both verbal estimates and written appraisals. In order to complete a bow appraisal the bow must be present in our shop.
  • Authentication: In my 40 years of making, repairing, and dealing bows, the demand for fine old bows has never been stronger. There is only a finite supply of these bows, the prospective buyer needs to conduct due diligence on what they are investing in. With escalating prices, there is a growing risk of false attributions and unscrupulous dealings. Therefore, heightened vigilance by the consuming public and the community of reputable bow makers, restorers, and experts is warranted. We issue full certification. In order to complete a certificate the bow must be present in our shop, no exceptions.
  • Consignment: Only bows of fine quality will be given careful consideration. Upon acceptance of terms, we will manage all aspects of the consignment sale of your bow. This includes any agreed upon restorations, repairs and adjustments to your bow. We will communicate and negotiate with all potential buyers and, upon a successful sale, handle transportation and delivery.
    All consignment arrangements are kept strictly confidential.


  • Re-cambering : Re-cambering is one of the most important factors pertaining to a bow. You can have the best materials and if the camber is not good or out of adjustment, your bow will not play well. There is not only one way to adjust the camber. One must consider all aspects of the bow and adjust the camber which flows with the entire bow.
  • Re-hair: We re-hair all bows: violin, viola, cello, bass and children bows.
    Appointment Only.
  • Sales: We have a large selection of bows which can be tried on a limited trial basis.
    Notable sales - photos - Heifetz Kittel, etc.
Kittel violin bow
Kittel violin bow
Jascha Heifetz Kittel violin bow
Jascha Heifetz Kittel violin bow
  • American Federation of Violin and Bow makers-past president.
  • International Association of Violin and Bow Makers-board member.
  • International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative- current International Chair.
  • The Bows of Nikolai Kittel
  • The German Bow
  • Journal of the Violin Society of America : 1994,1996,1997, 1998,1999, 2002,2004,2008,2012,2014, 2019
  • Smithsonian Magazine April 2004
  • Strad Magazine January 1988, December 2018
  • Strings Magazine- various articles
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